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...I did not expect things would be this bad under the Trump presidency...I'm not sure anyone could have predicted quite this. Keep your families close guys...seriously
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Deoradhain Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
Yeeeeah... I wasn't particularly upset about it until he kicked the Joint Chief of Staff off of the National Security Council and replaced him with Bannon, who is effectively a fucking propaganda minister. Everything else up to that point could be argued in several different ways to be not as potentially henious as they looked. But removing a GENERAL of the MARINE CORPS off of a Security Council and putting in a News Paper Mogul is fucking disgusting.
Destroyer77 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017
The part that really resonated with me in the: What the hell is going on? department was the censoring of Science blogs as it was such an immediate and telling event...basically saying that we will do what we will with facts that are given out under this administration until they line up with our facts and screw any sense of freedom of speech you might have. They're also severely hampering some of the most creative and smart people with their rules going against U.S. Scientists...

And yeah, his picks for...everything and anything for positions for people must only make sense in his little head.
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